Tuesday, 13 July 2010

July Jesters Day 13

Well into day 13 of the challenge and all jesters are doing well to keep up including me as have been quite down the last few days due to my nan being seriously ill in hospital but am too far away to do anything to help family and lack of finance does not make things easy.

But looking on the brighter side of life i see that the sales fairy is keeping herself busy too with lots of sales for many of the jesters including myself.

Here are my listings for the last 4 days:

Clairezcardz ClairezcardzClairezcardzClairezcardz

As always so many beautiful items from my fellow jesters it is hard to decide what to feature so think it will just be random choices again today. Please click on pictures to be taken to their folksy shop.

Accidentalvix CheerymishmashIyobodesignMade With Love X

Lemonade and LamingtonsLittleredstarkokokelli

Happy looking and happy crafting to one and all!

Friday, 9 July 2010

Folksy Friday

Have decided to do my Folksy Friday on the July Jesters Challenge. As most of you will probably know by now we aim to list an item a day. There are quite a few of us so i have just picked randomly from today's listings. Also congratulations to everyone who has received a visit from the sales fairy and i'm sure she'll be visiting those who haven't very soon. We are into day 9 of the challenge.

My listing for today is:


And now some of my fellow jesters, please click on picture to be taken to their folksy shop.

Kokokelli LondonfoggCarols CraftsMaxine Veronica

Northfield PrimitivesTopcat's cornerStrawberry AnarchyPaulazJewelz

Well happy browsing hope you see something you like.

Sunday, 4 July 2010

July Jesters Day 4

Morning all, thought i would get my blog in early before anything else goes wrong with my day. Was woken up by OH this morning who was getting ready for work and summoned to the kitchen to find that the bottle of hair dye had exploded all over the kitchen - oops!!! lol All sorted now thank goodness apart from the ceiling as can't reach so will have to wait till he comes home from work.

Well into day 4 of the jesters challenge and looking good, lots of sales going on so congratulations again to all those who have had sales.

I have listed another wordbook today but for Sister, but have left it undecorated so that the buyer can decide what they would like it decorated with so that it makes it just perfect for the recipient.


And decided to go with a colour theme today for my featured fellow jesters.


Fairly Girly


Carols Crafts

Folksy sellers is order Pipistrelle, Fairly Girly, NofkantsCurios and Carols Crafts. Click on pictures and this will take you to their shop.

Here's hoping the sun comes back real soon as it is currently raining in Edinburgh.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

July Jesters Day 3

Well we are into day 3 of the jesters challenge and unfortunately i have not been graced with the lovely sales fairy as of yet but i know some of my fellow jesters have so congratulations to them on their sales and lets hope that the sales fairy visits all of us before the end of the month.

My listing for todays challenge is a wordbook for MUM for a birthday with purple and green colours and featuring Popcorn the Bear and Souffle the Duck



And once again some beautiful items from my fellow jesters and so hard to choose which ones to feature on here again. So random picks again, but please come over to folksy.com and have a look at all the other jesters and see what they have to offer.


The Crafty Bride

TopCat's Corner

A Simple Melody

Featured shops in order are: Littleredstar, The Crafty Bride, TopCat's Corner and A Simple Melody.

Absolutely loving the bracelet adding to my favourites and hope that the sales fairy visits soon so i can treat myself.

Once again Good Luck to all my fellow jesters and lets bring on them sales.

Friday, 2 July 2010

July Jesters Challenge

Well after not being able to complete the mad mayhemmers challenge or even take part in the june loons one due to my broadband being disconnected no thanks to the wonderful bt. But as you can see i am now back up and running again so am joining in with all the wonderful July Jesters on Folksy.com.

We are into day 2 and my first two listings are:

Clairezcardz - Biplane Gift Box

Clairezcardz - Aeroplane Aperture card

Now comes the difficult part to select a few fellow jesters to feature today. So hard as there are so many of us and all have beautiful items. All picked at random so please pop over to www.folksy.com and take a look at what we have to offer.

Gifts Shack

Elderberry Arts

Mushy Makes


Featured folksy sellers from top to bottom: Gifts Shack, Elderberry Arts, Mushy Makes and Booties by Dannie. Click on images to be taken to their shop.

Good Luck to all my fellow jesters for the month of July, here's hoping that the sales fairy visits us all at some point. I now she has been working hard already and it is only day 2.