Friday, 12 August 2011

Just a Quickie

This is going to be as the title describes just a quickie blog.  Really just to let you know what i have been doing over the last couple of days.

As i had mentioned in my blog on Wednesday i had been working on a new .com website which is up and running and seems to be attracting a far few visits since i published it ( 

As this site looked so much nicer and neater and in my opinion more presentable than the one i currently i had for my site, i took the leap and transferred my domain name and set up the site to run alongside the .com one, So both sites look the same (

I am hoping that this will help to build the traffic to both sites and eventually lead to some sales.  I hope that all the visitors to either site find it easy to navigate.  If you have any comments for me then please leave them here.

Now i am going to get packed up ready for a craft fair tomorrow at The Burgh Hall, Peebles 10am - 4pm so here's hoping for a good day tomorrow.

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

What's New!

Well i can't remember the last time that i actually blogged but am still on planet earth i think lol.

Lots of personal issues have got in the way of me crafting and concentrating on getting my business built up but hopefully most of them are behind me now and i can start concentrating on building this business from strength to strength.

The first this i have done this week is purchase a new domain name to run alongside the one i currently have.  So i have been setting out the new website and hopefully it will help to promote my business and eventually lead me to some sales.  The new website is  All comments whether positive or negative would be gratefully received.

As many of you crafters out there know for us its time to start thinking about our christmas stock and that is what i am planning to do over the next few weeks.  I have got lots of craft fairs lined up and so will need as much stock as is possible.

I also will be listing some cards for Grandparents day which is in September, these will be available both on the website and my folksy shop (

I also have some Rupert Bear cards to add to my stock - just need to photograph them and then get them on both sites too.

Have just completed my first wedding stationery order for a friend so am looking forward to building on that side of the business as well so watch this space for more details.

Will be adding to my range of papercrafted gifts soon too.