Friday, 12 August 2011

Just a Quickie

This is going to be as the title describes just a quickie blog.  Really just to let you know what i have been doing over the last couple of days.

As i had mentioned in my blog on Wednesday i had been working on a new .com website which is up and running and seems to be attracting a far few visits since i published it ( 

As this site looked so much nicer and neater and in my opinion more presentable than the one i currently i had for my site, i took the leap and transferred my domain name and set up the site to run alongside the .com one, So both sites look the same (

I am hoping that this will help to build the traffic to both sites and eventually lead to some sales.  I hope that all the visitors to either site find it easy to navigate.  If you have any comments for me then please leave them here.

Now i am going to get packed up ready for a craft fair tomorrow at The Burgh Hall, Peebles 10am - 4pm so here's hoping for a good day tomorrow.

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