Tuesday, 18 May 2010


Well my blogging challenge didn't last long only managed to do two days in a row. Well Sunday was suffering from a wee self inflicted hang over from Saturday nite but had a really good night catching up with old work friends. Monday the kids are off school for three days- oh what joy - too many holidays if you ask me, don't remember having this much time off when I was at school - mores the pity lol!

Also a day behind on my mad mayhemmers challenge so will need to get that up to date today. Hopefully will manage it as nice and sunny out so kids are off out playing with their friends so time to get crafting. Although having a mental block and not sure what to make so off to rumage through my crafting goodies for some divine inspiration.

Lots of nice things on from my fellow mad mayhemmers so once i have listed today will be back to share a few with you all. If you can't wait then take a wander over to www.folksy.com yourselves and take a look.

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